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FREE MORAVIAN WORKBENCH PLANS, CUT LIST & RESOURCES. Below you will find resources and free woodworking workbench plans for building the portable Moravian Workbench, as mentioned in the DVD video "Building the Moravian Workbench with Will Myers". This DVD was directed, filmed, and edited by Joshua Farnsworth.

When Popular Mechanics asked me to design and build a workbench as a project and as a centerpiece of its New York workshop and studio, I knew the bench had to reflect the brand and its no-nonsense

Simple Workbench Components. 4 legs, 2 boxes and a top: That's all there is to this workshop bench. The legs are just 2x4s screwed together. The shelf and work surface could be constructed as simple boxes or made with drawer components. It's a perfect project for a beginner but a great bench for even the most advanced DIYer.

Woodworking plans at Woodcraft.com come in a huge variety! Find furniture plans including chairs, cradles and clocks. From wooden toy to jewelry box plans and more.

Holdfasts and hand screws make your bench more versatile. Japanese Sawhorses. Sturdy designs in two sizes excel on the floor and on the benchtop. Tricks For Working at the Right Height. Optimize the elevation of your workbench for the task at hand

The free bench plans contain everything you need to plan and execute your bench project.Blueprints, step-by-step directions, cut lists, material lists, and diagrams will take you through this beginning woodworking project and you'll have your bench built in an afternoon or two.