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Chas. Parker Co. bought out Prentiss in the mid 1950's, so your vice probably predates 1950. going through google images for prentiss catalogs might be a search method but it will require you to click and check all the embedded images (ie: time consuming). most of these vices lack manufacturer date codes. most of the stamping on them will be for the assembly numbers or model numbers.

The basic F-style clamp is a woodworker's go-to clamp for multiple applications. One of the simplest to use clamps is the basic spring clamp set. Don't forget specialty clamps such as the pinch dog for pulling together parts and toggle clamps for creating jigs and fixtures. But if you need to create clamp for that extra-large job then pipe clamps

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DIY Woodworking Vise: I'm moving my workshop from the cellar into the garage to have more space. I built my own workbench and what's still missing, is a woodworking vise. There are several vise sets online, but I want to build my own one. In this Instructable you can f

A woodworking vice is not an essential feature of this. Typically though we can expect to see two vices on a workbench today. One will be installed on the front of the bench, towards the left. We tend to call this the face vice. The second will be at the end of the workbench, on the right. We can refer to this as the tail vice.