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Starrett Combination Squares Tool Review

combination square tape measure Popular Woodworking Magazine icandothatextras.com MeaSurIng toolS - coMbInatIon Square, tape MeaSure Y ou want to buy both of your measuring tools - a 12" combination square and a 16' tape measure - at the same time so you can check the scale on one to make sure it matches the other. They

What is a Combination Square? A combination square is a multi-use measuring instrument which is primarily used for ensuring the integrity of a 90° angle, measuring a 45° angle, measuring the center of a circular object, find depth, and simple distance measurements. It can also be used to determine level and plumb using its spirit level vial.

Combination square. The square to have if you could have only one and the first one to buy is the remarkably versatile 12″ combination square. Because the head can be set anywhere along the length of the blade, it can be configured in different sizes and for inside or outside measurement.

The Starrett combination square is one of the most versatile and useful marking and measuring tools in the woodworking shop. Carefully machined and manufactured in the USA since 1878, Starrett squares are known for their accuracy, reliability, precision and long service life.

We have two other square makers - both Australian - who make woodworking try squares that are perfect and beautiful - in the tradition of my TS-2. Chris Vesper in Somerville makes squares that definitely fit the bill. You can buy them in all-metal or with wood infilled in the handle.

The main advantage of the combination square for woodworkers over many others is that it's a one size fits all hands which gives the convenience of holding the square against the workpiece without overextending the hand.