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There are alternatives like hand saws (tons of work) or bandsaws (no kickback risk and fast), but you will have some clean up to do after the cut. A track saw will leave a finish-ready cut, but these are a huge pain in the neck when doing repeatable operations.

Table saw blades have four basic types, them being alternate top bevel (ATB), flat top grind (FTG), a combination of these two (ATBR), and the triple chip grind (TCG). While they are all table saw blades, they have different designs and styles of sawing wood.

Sliding Table Saws — Choices and Alternatives You need a heavier duty saw for solid wood at least, and if you are intent on keeping your investment minimal, you can get by with a used Unisaw or Powermatic 66, and cut standard cabinet panels with a shop-built sled running in the miter gauge

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However, if you're using your table saw inside, all that sawdust is going to have nowhere to go, which makes using a dust collection system a wise choice. Most table saws come with some sort of internal dust collection system that gathers the dust and tries to keep it off of the moving parts, where it can build up over time and do damage.