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One thing is for certain with surfaced wood, it will not be the same size and shape tomorrow. Sizing rough lumber requires a jointer to flatten one face, and a planer to cut the thickness. To cut the width you use a jointer to square and straighten one edge, and then rip the width on a table saw.

Why we like it: We've gathered the best wood jointers available on the market, and this is the first one on our list because of all its outstanding features. It has an extra-long table that's made of cast iron for improved accuracy and control. The jointer comes with a powerful motor and industrial controls.

For any woodworking professional, the jointer is a tool that helps to smoothen the surface of the complex lumber pieces and that too in quiet operation. But, when there is a matter of picking up the best 8-inch jointer for the workshop, then it may seem to be somewhat difficult even for a pro.

Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone Online The jointer is designed to quickly and accurately accomplish many operations that would require many hours of tedious labor if done by hand. The deeper the cut or the harder the wood, the slower you should run the jointer.

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Many woodworking projects require the ability to render a perfectly square edge on a board. There are many ways to perform this task, but nothing matches the performance, precision and repeatability delivered by the motorized jointer. Getting the jointer to deliver on its potential is not