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Versatile, precise and convenient, the Wixey Digital Protractor measures angles in any plane with 0.1 resolution, the 8" Wixey™ Digital Protractor will bring your woodworking to the twenty-first century. Features: Because of the reviews and I need to have very accurate angles for my

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Starrett 7" Pro Site Protractor - Presented by Woodcraft the parallel board method - Woodworking Tips! Starrett Perfect Crown Moldings with a CP505A 12 Combination Protractor

Protractors are made of different materials such as wood, glass, magnet, stainless steel, and plastic. Choose materials based on your need. If you would like a quality protractor that can last for long period of time, then you can opt to buy stainless steel protractor.

Measure any angle, anywhere with Woodcraft's wide array of protractors. Digital, light weight plastic, or clear See Thru offer choices for all applications

Whereas an old-school protractor requires lots of manual work to line up your angles, a digital model can measure more precisely without as much effort. This makes life easier for woodworkers and other tradesmen who rely on accurate measurements daily.