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News. News Desk. 17 new WCA Evaluators in Wisconsin. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is challenging its customers to take part in the #RocklerBentWoodChallenge, hosted by woodworking YouTubers Mike Montgomery, Chris Salomone and Ben Uyeda from The Modern Maker Podcast.

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Woodshop News gathers news articles that track lumber prices, new tools and products, state and federal government regulations and the availability of materials:

Tool News: Oneida Air Systems New Supercell Dust Collector to be Unveiled at 2019 AWFS. June 18, 2019. From Oneida Air Systems: Oneida Air Systems, the industry leader in dust collection, will introduce its new compact, high static pressure Supercell™ dust collector at the Association of Woodworking &…

This Week's Awful Woodworking Joke. Bill read in a self-improvement book that he shouldn't dress for the job he has, but rather for the one he wants. He got some strange looks when he showed up for work at the woodshop dressed as a runway model

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