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Use a belt sander to sand the surfaces of the kitchen knife block. Use a router and a 3/4" round over bit to round the outer edges of the kitchen knife block. Hand sand the block using 80 grit sand paper for the rough sanding. Use 120 grit sand paper for the intermediate sanding and 220 grit sandpaper for the finish sanding.

The knife block is made out of Red Oak, a hardy wood that will withstand the rigors of the kitchen fairly well. It is not recommended that you use a soft wood such as pine as this will wear badly around the knife slots.

Homemagazineback issuesapril may 2014plansprojectsmake a knife block home project. This can be a simple undertaking to get a knife block that takes almost no time. Project Simple Knife Block Woodworking Blog Videos Plans This unit is made of four pieces of solid wood. Knife block woodworking plans.

For that reason, they like to have a convenient wood knife block to house their knives. Getting them out of a drawer is both inconvenient and dangerous. Keeping your knives in a neat wood knife block will keep them away from small children but handy for you when you are in the kitchen slicing and dicing your next gourmet meal.

If you have a table saw and some wood scraps, you can build a simple knife rack in less than an hour. Kitchen ideas: Quick & simple knife block. Family Handyman. trim the ends of the block with a table saw or a miter saw. Cut off just enough wood to create straight, even edges.

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