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Foldeaze, folding mdf sheet materiel (crisp, seamless joints) - YouTube

Eight Types of Wood Joints Butt Joint. The simplest and most easy joint to learn or create is the butt joint. Mitered Butt Joint. The mitered butt joint is very similar to the standard butt joint, Half Lap Joint. The half lap joint is ideal for some types of furniture making where two pieces

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Every carpenter and joiner should know about woodworking joints. This article explains each woodworking joint in detail. The ability of joining two pieces of wood together is the foundation of wooden construction.

Make strong, long-lasting joints without years of woodworking expertise or a big budget.

Ancient Building Techniques Join Wood Without Glue or Nails. Before there were complex wood glues or screws, Japanese craftsmen used a series of interlocking joints to connect wood for structures.

We've assembled a free PDF of Japanese joinery techniques and Japanese woodworking tools for Western woodworkers. If you're interested in learning about Japanese hand tools and woodworking skills, you'll definitely want to download this free PDF today.