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Inverted (upside Down) Jigsaw - Bandsaw Tables, Down under and Jig saw

A jigsaw gives you the freedom to work with wood or particleboard, plastic or metal. Some jigsaws will even eat their way through ceramic tiles. You really are spoiled for choice.

This budget jigsaw from Porter Cable is perfect for those that don't need to use a jigsaw every day. It is more than capable of handling the occasional job about the house. Paired with a quality jigsaw blade it can comfortably cut to the usual thickness of woods that you'll be using for your woodworking projects at home.

With a jigsaw with a steel base, such as this Metabo, you can correct a warped base. First put the saw on a known flat surface and look for gaps. The jigsaw generally gets a bad rap as a rough tool that's best suited for kitchen installations and odd-ball carpentry jobs.

Choose from a variety of Jigsaw Blades at Woodcraft for the perfect blade for the job, along with a vast selection of other woodworking tools.

The Black & Decker Jigsaw BDEJS600C is an affordable jigsaw tool for your woodworking projects. It is from a reputable brand known for manufacturing power tools for more than a century. This power woodworking jigsaw has the 5-amp motor with the capability of creating 45-degree cuts. Its strong and excellent motor can produce a cutting power of up to 3000SPM, aiding in most of your tasks.

The purpose of the jigsaw is to cut out curved shapes, and that's why it has a narrow blade. This narrow blade moves in an up and down motion cutting on the upstroke, and that's why the blades are