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This is a simple and very accurate jig for drilling holes at a precise offset from any given corner. By using three drill bits of varying sizes, it's easy to precisely control the spacing of the

Woodworking jigs are a necessary part of any woodworking shop. They are great for repetitive tasks in many wood working projects. They make complex projects easier to manage and faster. You can purchase pre made jigs or make your own. Although they are inexpensive, making your own from scrap wood is even cheaper.

Router Jigs and Guides - Wood Working Router Templates A woodworking router is one of the most useful and versatile tools in the workshop. With our router tools and accessories you can turn your router into a precision, multifunction machine. Router Project Templates and Aids

Woodworking Jig Plans Guide: Woodworking presents an assortment of things including a relaxing hobby, the capability to create satisfying works of functional art and sometimes, a challenge when you're learning new strategies and processes. It can be a very satisfying and useful hobby.

Woodworking Jigs That Guide With Precision. Woodwork Center General, News. The average do-it-yourself homeowner has only had to experience once cutting or drilling without a jig to know the value of a good woodworking jig. It makes for a frustrating experience when holes get drilled too deeply

Woodworking devices and hand tools require jigs and components to reach their complete potential. A table saw can slice wood effectively but tenon making needs a fixture. Drilling holes in line on the drill press requires a fence. You can Bandsaw circles liberty. If you want two of them the very same size, you'll require a jig.