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Every small workshop needs a space-saving flip-top workbench. With a flip-top workbench, you can mount a tool, like a miter saw on one side, then flip the top and the other side reveals a sturdy workbench. It's like two pieces of workshop furniture in one. I use this flip-top workbench for nearly every project I build.

(I've built woodworking studios in spaces as small as 7'x7'!) Perfect shop layouts for spaces that are 10' x 10' or under. (Get drawings and diagrams showing how to position every item in your shop for maximum productivity, safety and enjoyment.)

6 Awesome Small Shops. Just because you don't have a huge basement or empty garage, doesn't mean you can't find some space that you can dedicate to your woodworking. Check out some of these unique shop setups and be sure to post photos of your own shop in our shop gallery.

Make the Most of Your Space in a Small Workshop. so the only real reason I keep my wood and other materials stored neatly away is because it makes room for more tools. Here are a few ideas

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Small woodworking shop layout is very important to allow you the room you need to operate some of your equipment to its capacity. This post will be talking about setting up shop in a single car garage space. If set up properly, this can make a great woodworking shop for beginners. Before you start