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A marking gauge is a simple tool, with a fence that rides the edge of a workpiece and a blade or pin designed to scribe a line parallel to that edge. I've even heard of woodworkers who have used a sharpened screw driven into a board as an improvised gauge.

Wood and brass panel gauge. I f you rip your stock on a table saw, your uses for a panel gauge are limited. If you make your rip cuts with a band saw or hand saw, however, a panel gauge is an indispensable tool. Its usefulness really shines when you need to mark out multiple wide panels to the

Make a Marking Gauge Out of Scrap Wood: Got some scrap wood? Need a marking gauge? This instructable will describe the process of making one from the other. Which is which is left as an exercise for the reader."What is a marking gauge?", you ask. Well, gentle reader, a marking gauge is

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