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Admittedly, the design probably works better as a coffee table. That said, it is made out of cherry wood and features lots of weird angles. Please watch, enjoy, subscribe and share.

Austin School of Furniture and Design is a woodworking and furniture school designed for dedicated hobbyists and aspiring professional furniture makers. ASFD offers woodworking classes in Austin, Texas focused on fundamental woodworking skills, design theory, wood material knowledge and joinery techniques.

Online courses in woodworking and furniture design are not common. Woodworking, especially, is a hands-on activity, a skill that must be acquired by actual practice. But a number of art and design

I design and build furniture and small wood items on the side. I hope to make into a full time business someday. After I have printed everything off I know my design is going to work perfectly. The only thing I do wish is that the upgrades would be automated or at least scheduled. My version

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Furniture Design: Design principles, My woodworking mentor, Robert Van Norman, studied under the esteemed woodworker James Krenov. Robert remembers many of JK's wise words, especially "trust your eye". When it was time for me to hear those words, I remember feeling such relief and