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On Vises—Part II → and I got a "Woodworking Vise Type 53ED with Quick Release Mechanism" but the Quick Release Mechanism, do not have the a dedicated button, works by the turning the handle counter clock wise. It's a bit like saying when did you stop doing this or that in front

I've had quite a few vises and "woodworking" vises, but this this is just a whole new animal. I've had a couple of end vises, moxon/twin screw vises, and a shoulder vise, but the 10" yost model is almost like a completely different class.

The mother of all woodworking vises has arrived. Jorgensen's rapid-acting woodworker's vise sets the bar for quality and performance. Crafted with the finest materials, including a specially cut acme-threaded main screw, cold-drawn steel twin guide bars, and steel handles.

A wood face vise consists of a movable front jaw that is mounted to a broad, square beam that slides in and out of a matching channel. While the beam keeps the jaw steady and properly aligned, the

A standard woodworking vise is made with metal and uses wood-clad jaws to hold the object in place without damaging the workpiece. Most models can swivel 360 degrees about the base and others can also rotate along the shaft to allow for more flexibility when working.

Synopsis: Woodworker and associate editor Matt Kenney firmly believes that a good bench vise is as important as any tool in the shop. So, with the help of a shopful of college students, he set out to test 14 of them. Whether you choose a cast-iron vise or vise hardware, you want your front vise to