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One of the latest tools to enter the hobbyist woodworking market is the CNC - a machine featuring Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Lettering, engraving, carving, and even three-dimensional cutting are now commonplace, and turning out a professional looking project is easier than ever before.

We prefer to buy cnc machines for woodworking from manufacturers offering at least a two-year warranty period. We do not think that overpaying for a lifetime warranty is a good idea — it is much better to replace a cnc machines for woodworking from time to time.

Homemade 2'x4' Wood CNC Router: Here I am going to show how I made my CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) router. The table measures 24"x48" and the cutting envelope is about 19"x38." I made this CNC when I was 17 and if you would like to see more on this CNC, visit my website a

Whether you currently use a CNC router or are just curious what the hype is all about, get ready to see some of the amazing things CNC can do in your shop, including engraving granite, cutting

And, as a division of 4' x 8', a 2' x 4' CNC is a natural for plywood-based projects. In this size range, there are at least a dozen candidates including machines from ShopBot, Shark, Automation Technologies, Legacy CNC Woodworking and more.

There are far less manufacturers producing CNC woodworking machines in this category. Some of the most popular are k2cnc and ShopBotTools. Hobby CNC Routers Hobby CNC routers are usually referring to the homemade CNC router. These machines are usually designed and built by the owner. There are many plans that may be bought or downloaded.