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Hold work pieces tight with clamps from Sears. Having a sturdy set of clamps is like having extra sets of hands to get work done. Craftsman bar clamps are ideal for holding wood pieces together while glue dries or securing a work piece to your bench when drilling or shaping.

Whether you are a beginner or a DIY professional, if you have a love for the craft of woodworking The Home Depot has got you covered. We have all the essential tools for woodworking that let you hone your craft. Our huge selection of drill presses and miter saws will put the power in your hands to complete your projects faster and easier.

Woodworking power tools include various saws for cutting the wood to size and drills for creating holes. Sand pieces down to the finish you want before you sand with portable sanders. Use drivers to install woodworking fasteners for a durable final piece.

BORA's parallel jaw clamps are the woodworking clamps that both enthusiasts and professionals reach More + Product Details Close Explore More on Homedepot.com

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Shop clamps in the clamps & vises section of Lowes.com. Find quality clamps online or in store.