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I converted my crappy pegboard wall into a french cleat tool storage wall, complete with a french cleat clamp rack. This project took a little less than two days to complete, so it's a perfect

Woodworking Tools/. How to Make a Wedge Clamp for Woodworking - Homemade Tool I designed this Wedge Clamp on the spare of the moment ↓↓↓ Details in the description below↓↓↓ Subscribe ↓↓↓ Like ↓↓↓Share↓↓↓ I had this… source

A functioning clamp rack. Every shop's gotta have one. "But, wait!" You say. "Isn't the easiest way to hold clamps just some 2x4s bolted to the walls, and maybe some holes and plumbing pipe inserted to hang the clamps on?" Yeah, perhaps. But, while that works if you have a ton of space, it's not

Workshop organization is an ongoing project. As you acquire more tools, you have to rearrange your shop to work in storage for those new items. So mobile and modular storage, wherever possible will save you time down the road. Here are some amazing Workshop Organization Ideas that I hope will inspire you!

Solve your clamp-storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders. These clever wall-hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arm's reach, they also look great doing it. 1. Spring-clamp holder 2. Bar-clamp rack 3. Locking C-clamp support 4. C-clamp rack 5. Handscrew

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