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Coffee Cup - Honeycomb Sandwich Structure: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

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Each item, whether it's a large wood jewelry box or 4 x 6 picture frame, is hand sanded and looked over by expert woodworkers. Furthermore, aside from the laser engraver, no computerized equipment is used. MikWood pieces definitely earn the "handmade", "handcrafted" designation!

The box shown at left is made from 3/8" thick wood, so I used a bandsaw for resawing and a planer to take the wood to final thickness. If you don't have a bandsaw and planer you can also mail order 3/8" wood (see Sources, below).

Since 1978, Heartwood Creations has been creating finely crafted wooden jewelry boxes that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a box for your pills or possibly something to hold small tools and other trinkets, our custom wooden boxes are the perfect fit.

Woodworking is an amazing hobby—as well as vocation, that can last a lifetime. These 10 woodworking projects are straight from our editors, and are accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels.