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My sim is making good money from the woodworking bench, but it's not counting towards the fabulously wealthy aspiration. Other than running a store to sell his items, what other way can he make money with the furniture that counts towards that aspiration?

They allow a Sim to either make a single item, which is usually left on the bench after being finished, or many items, which will be placed in the Sim's inventory. When a Sim starts to craft items on a workbench, a dialog will appear with a default name and description, as well as an "Accept" and "Cancel" button.

Where is the woodworking bench in the community center? No finding it!, The Sims FreePlay Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad

You will notice that almost all files are in a Woodworking Bench Sims ".PDF" format. For these files you will need a Woodworking Bench Sims free software, a Woodworking Bench Sims so called "PDF viewer" to open and view the 1 last update 2019/10/19