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The courses I have taken have given me the understanding and confidence to make this a lifelong hobby. Whether you are an experienced woodworker, or new to it as I was, the Chicago School of Woodworking has something to offer everyone.

CENTER FOR FURNITURE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Rockport, Maine: WOODWORKING CLASSES IN MAINE Our woodworking school offers courses in furniture making and related skills such as carving, turning, marquetry and finishing.

Cerritos College Woodworking Program offers classes in furniture making, cabinetmaking, woodturning, and related topics. Acquire new knowledge, gain confidence, improve skills, develop a new hobby.

Unique Workshops Unique Instructors Consider a new direction in your path of "Making" or take an unusual workshop just for fun! MASW is known for everything wood, from traditional to contemporary and from details to digital. Woodworking is in our name. But over the last 20 years we have incorporated workshops both ancillary to woodworking

September 9, 2019 - May 29, 2020 Curriculum. Students at work on their tool cabinets in the Satterlee bench room . The Nine-month Comprehensive is designed for aspiring professional furniture makers and dedicated amateurs who seek in-depth training at the highest standard of excellence.

Carpentry School or Woodworking Classes. We get this question at the Florida School of Woodwork occasionally. People that are interested in changing careers or starting a small side business and from people that genuinely just don't know the difference between carpentry and woodworking.