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One factor in saw blade accidents is the unpredictability of wood motion during a saw cut as is shown in the hand position and blade contact charts. Whether the hand was moved into the blade or kickback caused the hand to fall into the blade or another method of contact are of about equal probabilities.

Tell Us About Your woodworking Accidents - LumberJocks.com Hello, just wanted to start a subject about woodworking safety dealing with our accidents that we have had in the shop. Let us know of the accidents you have had and what we could do to prevent them from happening.

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By following some really simple safety rules, you will be able to enjoy the experience of woodworking and, at the same time, avoid any possible accidents that might inevitably occur in the course of your activity. All the tips mentioned above can actually be summarized in one statement on safety: Use your common sense.

Woodworking tools can be dangerous if not used properly. Only use woodworking machines that you have been trained to use properly and safely. Read the owner's manual carefully. Make sure you understand instructions before attempting to use any tool or machine. Ask questions if you have any doubts about doing the work safely.

Shop Accident Statistics and Woodworking Safety. Every year, hospitals see injuries caused by woodworking tools in the emergency room. This includes professionals and hobbyists, students and homeowners. The types of injuries vary, as there are more ways to make mistakes in a woodshop than there are ways to plan ahead for them - precisely why they're called accidents! In 2011, the.