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With a 3-kilowatt motor, the Hammer K3 WInner 31x48 sliding tablesaw delivers serious cutting power. The right-tilting saw is a smooth operator with a 3-kilowatt motor (a bit more than 4 hp) that delivers serious cutting power, an adjustable riving knife for enhanced safety, an electronic motor brake for safety and convenience,

Hammer K3 Winner panel saw, the precision circular saw for the discerning woodworker. Exact parallel cuts as well as precise cross, mitre and format cuts along with the smooth operation of the format sliding table. These are the qualities that discerning woodworkers like you expect in a ­precision circular saw.

Nail Hammer. Woodworkers accustomed to putting pieces together with screws and glue might not think of a hammer as an essential tool. But even if you don't drive 16d nails, here are two hammers and a mallet that will earn their keep in your shop. While most carpenters rely on a 16- or even 20-oz.

Introduction to Buying Woodworking Mallets & Hammers. By Joshua Farnsworth. Looking for a wood mallet or wood hammer may not be quite as exciting as researching what handplane to buy, but they are necessary, and there are some tips that you should know before you buy any wood mallet or wood hammer.

Watch as our engineer Steve demonstrates how to set up a Hammer K3 Winner sliding table saw from the FELDER GROUP See how a range of machines from FELDER can benefit your workshop at www.felder

The HAMMER K3 Winner is the precision saw for the discerning woodworker. With a high quality slider, cross-cutting, miter and ripping cuts are quick, simple and precise. The crosscut fence with beveled scale and magnifying glass as well as the fine-adjustable rip fence running along a solid round bar offers operating comfort unique to the K3 Winners class.