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Just to make things easy, here are the downloadable plans! Cam-Clamp Front Page . DIY Cam Clamps - Step by Step Cut Stock. Using flat sawn stock will end up yielding the strongest clamps, but I wouldn't get too hung up on this. So, for the clamp bodies, you'll need 1″ thick stock cut into strips that are 1 1/2″ wide & 6 1/2″ long.

Clamp Storage for 5 Popular Clamp Types by Wood Magazine This collection of clamp storage plans has five storage ideas for the most popular clamps including a spring clamp holder, bar clamp rack, C-clamp support, C-clamp rack and a handscrew clamp organizer. Build one, a few, or all depending on your clamp storage needs. Ultimate Clamp Rack by

These universal bar clamps are made of high quality extruded aluminum for both light weight and strength. The head of the clamp is riveted for rigidity and the adjustable foot wraps fully around the bar for tight clamping action. Detents are spaced 5/8" apart for quick adjustments. The clamp sits upright and is well balanced for ease of use.

Wooden Bar Clamp: I'm planning on making a multipurpose woodworking workbench-desk combo in the near-future. to keep the cost of that workbench low, I have decided to make everything of plywood and mdf. This will include legs made from 5 layers of plywood etc. In o

Wooden bar clamp plan In order to make edge-joining boards, the gluing of the construction of different types of doors, frames and various other furniture assemblies is almost impossible without quality bar clamps. They are generally expensive when purchased at the shops, and it would be great to have a few around in your workshop.

I also have some cheap pipe clamps of which the back jaw keeps on slipping under the clamping pressure. The other day I stumbled across this YouTube video i.r.o. homemade heavy duty wooden bar clamps. I drew some plans to get started. And so the journey begins. I started by cutting the bars from some pine I have had for many years.