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Air cleaner update

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The air filter can be set to operate in three air flow speeds, 260 (LO), 362 (MED), and 409 CFM (HI). If you're not in your workshop and wish to leave the air filter running, simply set the timer to run for the desired amount of time. The air filter can be set for a timed performance of 1, 2, or 4 hours.

An air cleaner filters out airborne dust particles that escape up-close collection. When sanding, place the unit on the benchtop next to your work. Connect it to a timer and, to clean the air, let the unit run for 15 minutes after you leave the shop.

Additionally, while the original did a great job of filtering the air (and capturing mosquitos against its filter), I knew the finer-grained dust from cutting and sanding was likely not being captured by a basic furnace filter. I need to give credit to the air filter built by Craig at No Wood Unturned Furniture Restorations for his air cleaner

To be effective, an air filtration device should be rated to cycle through the entire volume of air in your shop 6 to 8 times per hour. The Jet AFS-1100B Air Filtration System, for example, has a maximum setting of 1044 cfm, which means that it will filter entire volume of air in a 20' X 20' shop more than 12 times per hour.

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