Space Saving Murphy Bed

25 Ideas of Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms

Space Saving Murphy Bed

Posted by Buche Angela on Thursday, 10 October, 2019 00:56:57
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Compact space saving wall beds and murphy beds. Superior quality, multifunctional and easy to operate. Available in Twin, Full and Queen sizes.

A Murphy Bed is an impressive, solid piece of furniture that expands into a room about seven feet when pulled open but it is also a space-saving piece of furniture. It can be easily stored out of the way when not in use. A Murphy Bed doubles as an attractive piece of furniture and will accent any decor style.

Murphy beds are so much more than simple fold-down beds. The contemporary space-saving superhero pictured above is a comfy sofa and a wall bed. Perfect for upgrading a standard living room into a gorgeous guest room. If you live in a studio apartment, even better.

Murphy beds are a unique multi-functional bed that is perfect for saving space. A murphy bed is a bed that folds out of a wall or cabinet to provide you with extra space in your bedroom. You may be looking for a murphy bed if you are looking for a unique solution to your home office or spare bedroom to help better utilize the space in your home.

Bay Area Wallbeds "n" More with its 2 locations in San Francisco & San Mateo is committed to being a resource for SF Bay Area residents by helping create more living space with affordable space saving bedroom furniture.

A doggie Murphy bed is also a smart space saving idea. The one shown here transforms into a slender console when not needed. It also functions as a display ledge for showing off pictures and art.