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5 Quick and Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners October 2017 - Toolversed

Quick and Easy Projects A special newsstand-only publication featuring 20 of Fine Woodworking's very best small furniture projects

Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners and DIY Junkies 1. DIY Sawhorse. This DIY sawhorse will be very helpful to you if you don't own a ShopBot Buddy. 2. DIY Hanging Planter. Hanging planters are a hit nowadays so don't let this opportunity 3. Pallet Wood Wall Art. You can display tons of

Quick and EASY woodworking projects that will take you less than 2 hours to complete. These are perfect for beginners and they make great gifts.

Making this pencil holder/art caddy is a quick and simple woodworking project that can easily be made in an afternoon.

Quick Scrap wood projects DIY Ring toss game - It is perfect for the outdoors using scrap 2×4 pieces. Easy Jewelry Organizer This is one of my favorite projects made from scrap wood. Phone and picture holder My daughter (and mostly me) made it for Father's day for my husband. Ruler pencil holder

Here's 50 great beginner woodworking projects that will get you comfortable with the basics of building with wood. Some of the projects below can be completed in a weekend and others in just a few hours, either way all the projects will help you create something great out of wood.