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Principal Safety Hazards of Woodworking and Methods of Control Reciprocating movement is back-and-forth or up-and-down motion. Operators can be caught and crushed by reciprocating movement when the moving part approaches or crosses a fixed part of the machine.

OSHA NIGHTMARES COMPILATION The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is there to keep our workers safe on the job. Their sagely advice makes construction sites and jobs safe.

12 Tips for Using a Router Safely December 3, 2013 By Sandor Nagyszalanczy & filed under Blog , Woodworking Safety . Whether used freehand or mounted in a table, a router is possibly the most useful power tool in the woodshop.

Health hazards for woodworking include wood dust and chemicals used for finishing products, which may cause skin and respiratory diseases. The following OSHA video clips and images from OSHA inspections display some of the machinery and related hazards associated with woodworking operations: Finger Jointer/Conveyor Nip Points.

Woodworking Safety Poster Woodworking Safety Tips Safety Poster Shop It presents a dedicated mailing and e mail campaign to targeted woodworking and diy related mediafrom the principles of basic design to essential woodworking techniques. Woodworking safety signs. Safety direct is the leading supplier of health safety and hygiene products in

Shop Safety Checklist. The following are common, important safety guidelines to remember when working in the shop environment: Under no circumstances should unapproved people be allowed to use the shop equipment. Do not allow unauthorized persons to visit or loiter in the shop. Secure the shop when no one is present.