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Collectible and Vintage Hand Tools. Maybe you are a woodworking professional or an amateur enthusiast looking to take advantage of the resurgence of old tools and vintage hand tools, or maybe you simply like decorating with vintage tools. The ever-developing interest in woodworking tools of the past has created an exploding marketplace for

Tooltique was originally started in the late 70's selling quality reconditioned used tools and Antique Tools to the public and once had a physical shop many came to visit here in Norwich. Times have changed and now the business trades solely online presenting vintage old tools to a wider worldwide audience.

Hand saws are used all the time in traditional woodworking. And with the emergence of marketplaces like Ebay and with the rise of a lot of quality hand saw makers, you can find excellent new and antique hand saws with greater ease than ever before. In this wood hand saw buying guide article I'll