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The Essential Woodworking Clamps That You Need. Bar Clamps. These clamps slide on a bar, allowing you to hold thicker pieces of wood in place with relative ease. Their adjustability makes them one of the most versatile clamps for your projects, especially if you purchase the deep-throated style.

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To help you see which woodworking clamps are best for your project, here's a list of the top clamps you can buy today. For any typical woodworking project, you will find plenty of uses for clamps. Normally, clamps come in handy for gluing, nailing, or other joining steps that bring two or more pieces of wood together.

Make big glue ups a cinch with clamping cauls made from scrap 2x4s. For cabinet cases and edge banding, you can't beat clamping cauls to make glue ups go faster and to spread clamping pressure evenly. These shop assistants allow you to do bigger glue ups with fewer clamps. Shop Made Clamping Cauls. There's no reason to buy clamping cauls.

How to Make Your Own Wood Clamps. Now select one of the boards as the bottom board of your clamp and insert threaded 3/8-inch T-nuts into each of the holes, making sure they fit snugly. Screw one of the threaded rods into one of the T-nuts on the bottom board of the clamp until it's tight. Repeat in the other 3 holes.

Luthier Nathan Murphy makes these light-duty cam clamps for a fraction of what they'd cost to buy. Their simple mechanism, in which a lever exerts pressure on a tongue using cam action, makes them quick to build. Learn more about cam clamps here.