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Yost's heavy-duty ductile iron woodworker's vises are unequaled in quality and stood the test of time since Yost's establishment in 1908. Solid steel dogs in the front jaws, when used in conjunction with a bench stop, allows oversize work to be held securely on the bench top.

Step 2—Position the Vise. If you are installing a bench top vise, place the vise in position and mark where the holes will be. Drill the holes right through the bench top and bolt the vise into the top. To install an edge cast-iron vise, remove the front jaw, screw and side bars to make the vise lighter and easier to work with.

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In this video, I'll show you how to properly install a bench vise. The vise I'm installing is an The Irwin vise can be purchased on my Amazon affiliate link:

a trouble-free installation. Installing a Bench Vise Give your workbench the holding power it deserves. By Craig Bentzley Vise Locati on And Selecti on A vise's locati on on the bench determines what it's called. Face vises are att ached on the front, or face, of the bench; end vises are installed on the end. The best benches have both,