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How to cut a dovetail slot with hand tools

I took my sight base file and carefully filed the rear of the dovetail cut in the slide until the sight would slide on easily about 1/4 of the way into the dovetail. I took only 3 or 4 light strokes with the file then tried the sight.

CNC Dovetails, Box Joints, and Mortise and Tenon joints. For years, CNC router users have been looking for a method to easily create toolpaths and g-code to cut dovetail joints on their machines. Previously, this involved complex CAD drawings, followed by tedious CAM work setting up toolpaths.

Or, can open up a 60° slot to proper 65° angle if changing to a new sight design. Has true parallel cutting edges for precision filing, giving you full control over the angle of the dovetail. One cutting side only, with the other two sides safe, so you can widen or deepen sight slots safely without fear of changing the other dimensions.

CNC Dovetail Joints: Here is a project I developed with Þórarinn B.B. Gunnarsson at Ísafjörður FabLab, Iceland.After watching CNCWoodworker's video on YouTube we decided to try and make our own dovetail joints.I have made several tests on the FabLab's ShopBot CNC usin

- Remove all the entities except the dovetail cut lines - Optimize the tool path, then and arrange chains so that the ones cut with the same dovetail tool are consecutive. In the sample we put the 4 chains to cut with the 1/4" tool first and the other 2 chains to cut with the 1/2" tool last. - Set the cutting depth suit the mating board.

Small hammer, bench vice w/ padded jaws, heavy card stock, 65° dovetail file or appropriate angle dovetail file, one 3/8" and one 1/2" diameter sections of aluminum round stock approximately 6" long, drill press with vice, 1/16" drill bit, 1/16" punch, aluminum blackener, and the correct size hex wrench.