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Cool Prefab Homes

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4 Cool Modern Modular Home Designs. Home Buying Home Decorating Home Sales // admin // May 10, 2014 // no comments. These days, modular homes have become totally modern. Gone are the days of ho-hum designs, which often made it difficult to tell the difference between a modular home and a mobile

10 Amazing Prefab Houses. Cateogory: Cool Home Design. 402,345 views. 1 Adex eco-friendly house. ADEX, made from an eco-friendly interlocking system of prefabricated pieces, is another self-sufficient house that works out perfectly on an off-grid living. ADEX is easy to install anywhere as

Prefabs are trending - they save tons on material waste, but could also be a way to help you save big bucks. Here's a look at seven of the most affordable options on the market.

Modular homes offer almost limitless design opportunities. Your home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle. With innovative thinking and a wonderful partnership with our clients, Express Modular is a part of the higher level of planning and design for our customer's beautiful modular homes.

5 cool prefab homes you can order right now. They come in all shapes and sizes and show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become. Prefab Barn Homes Small Prefab Homes Modern Prefab Homes Pole Barn Homes Modular Homes Small Homes Cottage In The Woods Metal Roof Passive House.

Compared to conventional construction methods, modern prefab homes are built faster and have a smaller environmental impact. As these stories show, prefabricated and modular homes range widely in size, material, and style. From cozy cottages to large family homes, prefab continues to redefine the future of construction, building, and design.