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Welcome To The WS Tools Birmingham Site WHY ME, WHY NOW? You may be wondering why I ever thought to collect and research this marque, but the answer would be that I certainly would like to expand our knowledge about an almost unknown company which was based in Birmingham, England.

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Alabama Woodworking Stores. Our database of Alabama woodworking stores are listed below and only include stores with a physical location. We're continually adding new stores as the information is sent to us, so check back often for new store listings in your area.

Old School Tools. I am always interested in buying good quality old woodworking tools especially infill planes, carving tools, old tool chests and anything unusual. Please call me on 01704 577564 for friendly advice, or contact me.

Woodworking Tools. General Antiques. Tooltique is based in Norwich and was established 30 years ago by my father. Since his retirement It's taken a few years for me to follow in his footsteps but the gravitational pull has grown as i gained knowledge.

Details found with vintage carpentry tools. Old carpentry tools contain so many different varieties and details. These are just a few of the many features and details you might see with reasonably priced vintage woodworking tools. Levels, plumb bobs - A few have intricate carvings. Others were made with brass or precious metals.