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Planes didn't always have chipbreakers, and they did a fine job of making some of the most beautiful high-end furniture in the Western world. But after their advent, writers sang their praises on a regular basis as a great improvement.

Electrically powered hand planers (loosely referred to as power planes) have joined the hand-held plane family. "Bench planes" are characterized by having their cutting bevel facing down and attached to a chipbreaker. Most metal bench planes, and some larger wooden ones, are designed with a rear handle known as a tote.

Premier quality A-2 Pinnacle/IBC blades have been matched with an innovative chipbreaker design that can give your plane performance that rivals modern high end tools. These replacement sets are over 65% thicker than the original equipment and are match-ground and serialized at the time of manufacture.

Plane Fence for Veritas Custom Bench Planes This fence allows you to plane accurate and consistent square or bevelled edges with all of our custom bevel-down bench planes. The same fence that comes with the Veritas jack rabbet and skew rabbet planes, it can also be used with the Veritas shooting plane.

Bench Plane Blades Our 3/32" thick blades are world renowned for their improved cutting action. They offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chrome-vanadium junk that comes with so many tools. Our high carbon steel blades can be honed more easily and will get sharper.

Lie-Nielsen Chipbreaker Although designed to replace and improve the performance of the blade assembly in Lie-Nielsen planes, these new chipbreakers will fit most Bailey and Bedrock pattern planes. L-N chipbreakers are made of High Carbon Tool Steel and carefully ground with a .015" lip at a 1° angle, which provides positive contact with the blade and eliminates chip clogging.