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Get wood dust under control with tips for finding the right shop vacuum, dust collector, and air scrubber. Includes practical solutions for making tools work cleaner. Woodworkers can improve air quality in the woodworking shop with this up-to-date manual on dust collection.

A dust collector is more than just a big vacuum. While it does suck up waste, it also traps small particles which, if left to contaminate the air, are hazardous to your health. Dust collection relies on suction or, more accurately, air flow through the machine.

Workshop Dust Control (American Woodworker): Install a Safe, Clean System for Your Home Woodshop (American Woodworker) (Tool Smarts) WEN 3403 2-Horsepower 1,500 CFM 16-Amp Woodworking Dust Collector with 50-Gallon Collection Bag and Mobile Base. Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations

Dust collector review. 04-23-2019 10:29 AM by robscastle 5 comments ยป. In 2012 I built this dust collector from two plastic buckets and some 90mm PVC Pipe.From 2012 to today it still works fine and was the subject of a blog in 2012.I was using it today and thought maybe it was time to give some feedback on its operation.

Choosing a dust collector can be anything but simple. We've stripped away the mumbo-jumbo to show you what you really need to know. It's ironic: Tablesaws create dust with every cut, but that same debris can restrict the saw's ability to tilt, elevate, and make more cuts. Is it possible to have a

Best Dust Collector Reviews. Here are some wood dust collector reviews that you can benefit by reading: Festool 583492 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor . The Festool CT26 is a very popular dust extractor among woodworkers for its size and power, what with a 137 CFM and an extremely silent 62 dB setting. Highly portable, it can be relied upon when